Welcome to Light on the Hill

Light on the Hill: Champions of Second and Third Chances

Working with leaders, teachers, ministers and social workers within the community to reach out to those people who are not comfortable with churches but still feel the need for unconditional love and those who seek non-judgemental help.

Our goals:

  • To listen, to hear and to understand the wants and needs of our clients.
  • To help them recognize, understand and define problems that hold them back.
  • To provide information and resources designed to help them address these areas.
  • To help them set goals and work with them to achieve those ends.
  • To help provide guidance and/or follow up as needed.
  • To present the 'Gospel Story' in interesting and unconventional ways.
  • To demonstrate for them that God's care manifests in action, not words.

- In Memory of the Deavers - by Debby Ruppert

Remembering the couple who gave me so much: Edna and Kieth Deaver, who opened their hearts and home to give me space to hang out: To not be on the street! What a blessing! Thank you both so very much. Eternal love, Debby

Yes, you are given Grace to screw up. And if you should fall or wander down the wrong path?
We are here to help you up, to find your way again.