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Light on the Hill works in affiliation with God and those in the community reaching those who need an attentive ear. Showing Love as God does. We can campaign second and third chances. It's those people who will not feel at ease in any church and need to be loved as they are. My goal is to show them love to listen to them and present them the Gospel Story in unconventional ways. Letting them know God cares. Yes you are given Grace to screw up. I use resources that can help heal physically and emotionally. God does hear. If you do fall down the wrong path God still loves you.

How, then can they call on the one they have not believed in?
And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?
And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?

Romans 10:14


Light on the Hill is run by Capitol Hill resident, Deborah Ruppert. For more information or to setup a meeting, please contact us via email: debby704yep@gmail.com or by phone: (206) 355 - 8188.

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Remembering the couple whom gave so much Mr. Mrs. Edna and Kieth Deaver. Who open their home to have me just hang out. Recycling that love to others which was a huge part of grown up. Not to be out on the Street.

St. Paul’s Church
We are an accepting Anglo Catholic parish

Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Seattle

Youth Care

NAMI - National Association of Mental Illness
Chaplain Craig Rennebohm: Many of us who have experienced mental illness turn to our congregation for crisis their help and support in our journey to health. The Chaplaincy works to link congregations together in neighborhood networks of care, and trains volunteers to serve as companions and ministry leaders in their local settings.


To make a contribution to Light on the Hill, please follow the PayPal link above. Donations over $15 will receive a free Light on the Hill canvas bag:


Roots Young Adult Center

Friends Of Youth

University Street Ministries

New Horizons Ministries

City Impact Rescue S.F.

Seattle Children's Hospital Neurology Department

Mental Health Chaplaincy

Kae@mentalhealthchaplincy.org 206 631 1827


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